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Home Improvement Equity Warnings

Homeowners may consider taking out a loan against their home to improve the equity not realizing that the equity has increased over the years. The market changing in innoticeable ways, including increasing equity on homes. If the home is in a good neighborhood, the equity on the home is probably already in excellent standing; however, the homeowner may not be aware where he stands personally.

Lenders are crooks at times; and some lenders will send out contractors to prompt the homeowner to increase the equity on his home by adding new additions. The homeowner is often instead persuaded what appears to be a good deal without examining the other options.

The contractor begins his journey to add the additions, and during the course of work, he stops forcing the homeowner to sign a series of papers, which the homeowner is not giving the time to read carefully. The homeowner finds later that he signed an agreement that increased his mortgage balance, interest and so forth and now his home is at risk. This can happen and it has happened.

If you own a home, be aware that some lenders are crooks out to take homeowners for a ride. If you are offered what appears to be a good deal, it makes sense to read any information carefully before signing the contracts. If someone unexpectedly comes to your home offering you a deal, then you should dismiss the offer and investigate the source.

Don’t let the word investigate intimidate you, since the process is merely gathering information on a subject and putting the pieces together to see if they fit. Home equity loans are designed to offer homeowners a way out when the mortgage payments are not affordable at the time; however, there are other solutions for paying off your home, so stay on top of things and research before you consider home equity loans.

Modern trends in technology have provided companies operate online , selling powerful advantages. Add the live chat service is critical to increasing sales for any online business . Live operator services offer the ability to interact with potential customers live what increases the likelihood of a sale. The online business software can use the live chat service or outsource these services through a third party.

Online businesses can look for companies that specialize in providing the live chat service . Companies can also hire the services of live chat support software for the web using live chat in order to interact with internal customers during normal business hours operate . The data can be used to create a list of good prospects that the sales team can follow . A live chat operator can serve many purposes for online businesses. A live chat operator can help in gathering necessary information, technical problem solving , generating sales , up-selling and maintaining the integrity of the image of a company . Live chat service can become a major selling point for customers as you build a relationship of trust for current and potential customers .

Customers on companies to resolve the problems quickly and without hesitation. So adding live chat to your website provides customers the perception that if company will give online support these live chat , which will provide excellent support after the sale is completed. With these concerns direct support services operator providing real immediate solutions thus eliminating concerns before a sale . Therefore, using the live operator services may be the most affordable , easy and powerful tool for any online business must implement to increase sales.

Live Chat Software is not only a tool to provide customer support services to your website visitors , it is much more than that. If used wisely , the live chat software not only can be used to provide sales and customer service , but also as an effective marketing tool . Enterprises and institutions of all sizes have used live chat software to increase return on investment and increase your sales. Companies have used the live chat software to sell your brand effectively to their customers. If implemented wisely, the live chat software can deliver outstanding results. Ensure that your staff is well trained If you are going to provide live chat services on your website , make sure you have adequate staff . It would be a mistake to think you can use a person with run-of – the-mill skills to effectively take chats on your website . If you intend to use the live chat software to deliver immediate sales , online customer service , make sure you have staff the most capable for this job. Chat using proactive and do not hide the Chat button is advisable to offer proactive chat service on your website . The live chat window should pop -up itself without the visitor clicks on any button or press any of the tabs . To display the live chat window only when the client requests , ensure that the chat button / tab is clearly visible on the website. Place in a prominent place where it is visible to visitors of your website. If you put it in the bottom of the website or in the corner of the website serves no good. Most live chat software live chat support , both active and passive . Customize your chat windows to the brand standards Live chat is part of your company ‘ s web presence . Use to show and reinforce their brand standards . Customize your chat window and brand with your company logo , icons , and motto of the brand . Use it to promote your brand . Provide live chat services based on their own research results when they visit your website more traffic ? What products are most interested ? What answers your website visitors interested in your products? Your chats can help you find the answers to these questions and can help you design a live chat service that gives people the perfect message at the perfect time . Make sure your live chat software supports content and records management .

Once customer interest in products or services through social media networking pages through sign-ups and other interest inducing posts is created, an email campaign would be a solution that reinforces and creates further customer interest. Intelligent use of email marketing software to create a campaign directed at a particular demographic will further interest.

Cross-channel marketing from social media networking to email through email marketing software creates a relationship with a customer base. State of the art email marketing software employs customer analytics within hours of your campaign initiation. These customer analytics allow you to hone your demographic and direct your prior marketing in social media networking to the groups that respond the best.

Once a business has initiated this cross-channel marketing approach and gained the necessary customer analytics to profile the best demographic, businesses may want to consider additional direct mail marketing and print campaigns, integrating additional platforms to advertise the company to an additional branch of the target market base. By using the data gained from the email marketing software campaign, businesses can direct the more costly print and direct mail campaign to the customer demographic that responded best to the original online advertising campaigns.

Cross-channel marketing requires the business to understand the difference in the platforms from a social networking media base to email and direct mail and mobile advertising. Customers across varied channels respond differently to campaigns. Proper implementation of an email marketing software campaign should include timely emails that are triggered to go out according to the results of specific customer analytics that capitalize on the demographics and lifestyles of the target market.

As these emails are sent, orchestrating a successful campaign by coordinating the emails with timed posts across other digital platforms assures the customers attention to the business is reinforced. Resulting data in regard to who clicked through or deleted the email will help direct additional waves of the campaign assuring a turn around in product or services purchases.

Successful email software marketing campaigns directed by customer analytics is crucial to capitalizing on a business demographic. Just like first impressions in life, many businesses only get one chance to secure a customer. Moreover, securing the first customer opens the door to a larger market. Poorly timed and directed cross-channel marketing campaigns not only cause customer disinterest, but they can stain a business with an undeserved reputation that is hard to recover from.

Intelligent and carefully directed digital campaigns open doors to continued business and additional word of mouth business. This marketing will continue to enhance social networking media campaigns thereby increasing successful and positive results from continuing email software marketing campaigns.

Cross-channel marketing that combines digital media and email software marketing and direct mail ensures a business’ success if the demographic is targeted and marketed to correctly. Matt Kennedy writes about the latest technology and marketing trends including cross-channel marketing applications, customer analytics and email marketing software.

Common sense is not all that common. Everyone knows the 10 Commandments of Exellent Customer Service, yet not many comply with them. And those that do, may not comply with all of them and may not do them consistently. So, what is customer service really about?

Customer Service is about maximizing customer retention and conversion over the long term. You will be unable to retain existing customers and win new customers unless you deliver superior perceived market quality.

Superior perceived market quality can only be delivered over the long term, if you consistently deliver customer service that really counts.

So, how can companies improve customer retention, loyalty and profitability and sustain it, through Customer Service?

1. Break down the service barriers the leadership challenge

It is not uncommon for top management to go on a weekend strategic retreat and decide that “from Monday we will be a customer focused company”. Customer focus is not a fad, something that you can switch on or off at the touch of a button. It goes to the very essence or core of the company. It is part of the culture, the company’s being.

An external customer orientation is acquired over time. It is reflected in the attitude and behavior of the company’s leadership, and their commitment to service excellence. In many of the companies that I have worked with and consulted to, the culture dictates that you “play by the rules”. The exercise of initiative is discouraged. Yet, management expects staff to do extraordinary things for its customers. It is the leadership that sets the example that the rest of the company will ultimately emulate.

2. It is imperative that you understand how your customers’ make decisions.

Understanding the dynamics that motivate purchase is fundamental to achieving customer service that really counts.

Before a customer buys from you, you can generally expect that the customer has already shopped around and is well informed, through advertising, word of mouth etc. Each customer’s perceptions are also shaped by the product market strategies of your competitors, as well as other environmental factors such as legislation, interest rates etc.

An in-depth understanding of these dynamics is therefore fundamental to designing and delivering customer service that really counts.

3. Establish which aspects of service your customers’ value.

A customer’s decision making processes may well result in hundreds of factors which influence his/her buying behavior. Not all factors are important to all customers. In fact, some customers may value particular aspects of the service delivery experience that other customers’ feel may be relatively unimportant. It is therefore vital to establish which factors are valued by customers and how these factors are ranked in order of importance for each market segment. A market segment is a group of customers that display homogeniety relative to other groups. Markets can be segmented in relation to customer needs, products, geography, industries etc.

4. Recognise that customer service provides many opportunities to win or lose customers.

Every point of contact that your company has with the customer represents an opportunity to create real or perceived value. Remember that a customer’s perceptions represent their reality.

By understanding this “value chain” and linking your people and processes so that they add value that the customer recognizes, you will align your company’s products and services with its market(s).

5. Know how you are doing relative to your competitors.

You cannot measure your performance in a vacuum. Companies who record improved customer satisfaction scores yet continue to lose market position, are either measuring irrelevant factors, or competitors’ customer satisfaction scores are improving at a faster rate. The importance of measuring the competitive context cannot be over-emphasized as this sets the benchmark, against which performance can be measured relative to the market.

6. Set service standards that create “stretch”.

If you want to improve your game of tennis quickly, you need to play against stronger athletes. The same principle applies to customer service. Set standards against the “best in class” for each activity.

7. Under-promise and over-deliver.

The quickest way to make an impact on customers’ is to continuously deliver service which exceeds their expectations – to ‘delight customers’.

My mother-in-law was once mugged in a supermarket whilst doing her monthly grocery shopping. Seeing her distress, store employees reacted quickly and led her quiretly to a back office where they gave her sugar water; sealing off all exit points; assisting her to cancel all of her credit cards, and giving her the groceries free of charge. She has never forgotten this service and speaks about the supermarket chain at every opportunity. Companies cannot pay for this sort of free advertising.

8. Outstanding Customer Service includes the unexpected.

Staff need to be empowered to capitalize on service opportunities as they present themselves.

A little old lady once called her bank just before closing time and asked the clerk how long it would take for her to make her way across town. After establishing that she did not know how to use an electronic teller machine (ATM), the clerk enquired as to the amount she wanted to cash. “One hundred dollars” the old lady replied. The clerk, on his own initiative suggested that he would stop by on his way home and deliver the cash personally. The little old lady was so impressed that she transferred her whole account of millions of dollars from another leading bank to this small bank, all because of unexpected customer service. This incident created an opportunity for a relatively junior member of staff to create a customer for life.

9. Monitor changing expectations.

The only constant in our environment is change. In an effort to remain relevant to your target market, you must periodically monitor how customer needs and expectations are changing.

This will guide and inform new product development and assist to continuously renew and transform your company to meet new customer service challenges.

10. Communicate, communicate, communicate.

Communicate your service expectations to both customers and staff. One of the biggest pitfalls is prematurely releasing a marketing campaign that promotes customer service messages prior to properly briefing and training frontline staff.


Most companies are really good at formulating customer service strategies, but implement them poorly. Effective communications is generally at the heart of the problem.

To deliver superior Customer Service on a sustained basis, companies need to adopt a strategic and holistic approach that is embedded in its culture, systems and processes and which aligns the company with each of its served markets (segments).

Only by practicing all ten steps simultaneously, can you create an environment in which staff attitudes and behaviour will reflect a true customer orientation, that results in customers perceiving service quality that is superior to your competitors.

By following this approach consistently, you will create a consistuency of loyal customers who will promote your business to others by talking about their positive service experiences.

Maximizing customer retention and conversion will deliver improved profitability that can readily be sustained.

Copyright (c) 2010 Ivan Nurick

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